Networking Solutions

All of your internet connected devices rely on a dependable connection, either wired or wireless.  Take time to count how many devices you have connected right now- computer? phone? tablet? TV?surveillance cameras? thermostat? refrigerator? toaster?  If you need a connection, you need to have the right network infrastructure in place.  We can design and install a home or business network specifically for your needs and budget, with services including:

  • Ethernet network design and equipment configuration
  • Wi-Fi network design and equipment configuration
  • Termination and certification of network cables (CAT6)
  • Termination and testing of single-mode or multi-mode fiber optic cables
  • Data rack construction
  • Paging and intercom systems
  • Nurse call and wandering patient systems
  • Voice Over IP telephone systems
    • We have partnered with Junction Networks and offer their ONSIP VOIP solution to provide our clients with the best digital cloud based telephone system on the market.


DHHS Network
The networking and security hub for a new office downtown.